Quick Fixes for Loss of TV Picture


This article provides quick fixes for loss of your TV Picture.


Quick Fix #1

A power chord partially plugged into a wall outlet.

Look for loose power cords. Be sure that they are plugged in all the way.

A wall switch with two switches: one flipped up and one flipped down.

If the wall outlet is controlled by a wall switch, be sure the wall switch is in the ON position.

A TV remote control with two batteries next to it

Check the remote control batteries this way: Get up and turn on the TV or cable box by pressing the power button on the front panel. Now return to your seat and use the remote to turn off the TV or cable box. If it does not turn off, change the batteries in the remote control.


Quick Fix #2

Check Set-top box power.

A set-top box for a TV

Check to ensure the amber light is lit up on the front of your DCT700 set-top box. If the amber light is not lit up on the front of the box near the "ON" text, press the CBL button (& power depending on your remote) to power the set-top box back on.

An HDTV Set-top box


Quick Fix #3

TV on the wrong INPUT.

If the TV was recently used to play video games, VHS tapes, DVD movies or home camera movies, then you may need to return the INPUT to the TV.

  1. Press the INPUT button (may be labeled TV/VIDEO, SOURCE or Antenna) on the TV or the original remote control that came with the TV.
  2. A menu displays on the TV screen. Select the option for TV. It may be labeled Cable TV, CATV, CAB, Input 1, Video 1, Antenna 1, AV1 or other name (you may need to check the TV user manual).

Or select each option, one at a time, by pressing the up or down arrow on the TV front panel or TV remote.


Quick Fix #4

Loose connections.

A threaded coaxial cable connected to a box

Tighten loose coaxial cable, threaded - it provides picture and sound

Three video cables (red, white, yellow) plugged into a jack

Tighten loose video cable, yellow - it provides picture

A hand plugging an HDTV cable with 3 connectors (red, blue, green) into a jack

Tighten loose HDTV cables, set of red, blue, and green connectors - they provide HDTV picture


Quick Fix #5

Bill payment overdue.

Check the balance and due date on your last BendBroadband bill:

  • If you have a login, you can check online, or
  • Call our IVR at 1-855-696-8368, press 1 for Residential, 2 for Billing, and 1 to hear your balance and make a payment.

If payment is overdue, ask a BendBroadband customer service representative if service was disconnected for non-payment.

If yes, make payment by phone, which may incur a service fee. The representative will restore the TV picture immediately. (Other payment methods.)


Quick Fix #6

Cable box needs to reboot

  1. Reboot the cable box by unplugging its power cord from the wall outlet or power strip (just turning off and on the power doesn't reboot the cable box).
  2. Wait 20 seconds.
  3. Plug it back in.

NOTE: Program guide data will be missing for 5 to 20 minutes after reboot.

Still not fixed? If the TV picture did not return, contact us. There could be an outage in your neighborhood or the cable box may be malfunctioning.

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