Recording on TDS TV+

How do I access my recordings?

All your recordings, in addition to bookmarks, across networks and streaming apps are located in My Shows. TDS TV+ Recordings are stored virtually, in the cloud, eliminating the risk of equipment failure and loss of your recordings.

My Shows contains all your saved recordings  from TDS TV+, including On Demand, and OnePass, plus those from integrated apps like Netflix, Starz, EPIX and Vudu (separate subscriptions required).

TDS TV+ Watchlist

To find My Shows, go to the Home Screen and select My Shows from the Navigation Bar.

TDS TV+ My Shows

How to locate shows that I've recorded?

  • Narrow your choices instantly by using the filters in the left-hand column. As you highlight a filter, your My Shows list will update automatically.
TDS TV+ My Shows Menu
  • Filters include all OnePass selections, recordings, and bookmarks sorted into the following categories:
    • All Shows – Everything you’ve saved
      • Bookmarked movies are found under the Streaming Movies folder. To learn more about Bookmarking, click here.
      • If a bookmarked streaming video is unavailable from your video providers, it’s added to the Not Currently Available group at the bottom of My Shows. When the video becomes available, it is automatically added to My Shows.
    • TV Series - Episodic series including news programs
    • Movies - Theatrical films
    • Kids - Programs for kids
    • Sports - Sporting events
    • Paused - Recordings that have been started but not completed
    • Recording - All recordings without bookmarks

Playing OnePass Recordings

My Shows recordings automatically remembers where you left off on a show. Every time you go to My Shows, the last movie or series you watched will be highlighted. If you were watching a series, select OK to be returned to the last episode you watched.

Sorting your List

My Shows recordings can be sorted by date (default) or alphabetically from the main Setting menu.

  1. From the Home Screen, scroll left to Menu.
  2. Select Preferences, go to Settings > User Preferences.
  3. Select the My Shows Options and scroll left or right to choose date or alphabetic.


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