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How do I use Bookmarks?

TDS TV+ Bookmarks allow you to create a link in the My Shows section to easily find shows from integrated apps like Netflix, Starz, Vudu, EPIX and TDS TV+ On Demand.

  • When using My Shows, select the All Shows filter. Bookmarked movies appear in the Streaming Movies group.

When you search or browse for movies or individual episodes of series, your results will include videos available to stream from apps like Netflix, no need to switch to a different input. But if you don’t have time to watch, easily Bookmark it to watch later.

Bookmarks are not recordings and therefore don’t use up storage space. They simply make it easy to locate where a show is available to watch within your streaming apps or when it airs in the future on live TV.  

To use Bookmarks:

  • When searching, search results will display titles available to stream from Apps like Netflix, Vudu, EPIX and Starz by default.
    • See User Preferences for more info on choosing which streaming providers to include when searching
  • Don’t have time to watch it now? Rather than search for it again later, Bookmark it to add a link to the video directly to My Shows. In the All Shows filter, bookmarked movies appear in the Streaming Movies group.
TDS TV+ Search

To bookmark a movie that is airing in the future:

  1. Select the movie to bring up the Movie info options
  2. Select “Bookmark this Movie”

    Tip: If you choose to bookmark upcoming programs on live TV, it will not be available to be selected in your My Shows until it's airing    

To bookmark a movie currently airing:

  1. Press the “i” info button on your remote control when the movie is highlighted in the guide, to bring up the Movie info options
  2. Select “Bookmark this Movie” from the list of options

When browsing for a show or movie in What to Watch:

  • If a show or movie is available to stream, app icons are shown in the right column of the search screen or the bottom corner of the movie/series title in What to Watch
    1. Select Recording & Bookmark Options
    2. Choose Bookmark this Movie

Info menu:

  1. While watching a show, press the “i” info button to bring up the info banner
  2. Scroll right to bookmark the episode or movie

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