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What is Hacker Alert?
Hacker Alert is an additional layer of protection for your computer and/or home network, which should be used in conjunction with anti-virus software. It sits on the TDS network, detecting viruses and computer threats, which anti-virus software may miss.
I already have desktop security software. How is Hacker Alert different?
Hacker Alert sits on the TDS network analyzing your Internet traffic for threats, while other security software (anti-virus, etc.) sit on your computer or desktop. This is an important difference because hackers can disable your anti-virus software without your knowledge. In many cases, they can make it look like your anti-virus software is still active. Since Hacker Alert is embedded in the TDS network, hackers cannot disable it. The service is also always on and up-to-date, which contrasts with desktop security software, which also doesn’t often have its firewalls enabled, which limits its protection.

How does Hacker Alert work?
Hacker Alert sits on the TDS network, analyzing your Internet traffic for many types of threats. If it detects the presence of an online threat missed by your security software, it will send you an alert and step-by-step instructions to address the threat.
Do I need to install anything on my computer?
No, since Hacker Alert is embedded in the TDS network, there is nothing to install on your computer. Nothing is downloaded and it will not conflict with any software on the computer or impede the performance of your computer or Internet connection.

Will I be able to resolve all of the issues identified by Hacker Alert?
While the tools provided on the Hacker Alert web site are proven to remove most threats, there will be cases where specific threats or attacks cannot be solved with these tools. In that case, you can call our Remote PC Support Team at 1-866-492-6797 for assistance.

What types of threats are analyzed?
Hacker Alert analyzes your Internet traffic for a variety of threat types, including: identity theft, cybercrime, computer viruses, spyware, and malware. Since Hacker Alert is always on and always up-to-date, you get real-time alerts to the threats.
Are the text messages I receive from Hacker Alert free?
There is no charge for Hacker Alert to send alerts to you, however, standard carrier rates may apply for receiving the Hacker Alert messages on your mobile device.

How do I receive alerts?
When it detects a threat, Hacker Alert can notify you by email or text message depending on the preferences you set. You can also log in to the Hacker Alert web site to what is threatening you.

Will I be safe from Internet threats if I have Hacker Alert and Anti-Virus software?
Combining Hacker Alert with anti-virus software definitely increases the security of your computers and online experience, making you safer. However, no security solution can completely guarantee your safety from all Internet threats.

Does one subscription cover all of my computers?
Yes, one Hacker Alert subscription covers all of the computers in your home network, including media centers and gaming devices. In addition, you can cover up to 3 mobile devices.

Will it slow down my computer of Internet browsing?
No, Hacker Alert will not affect the performance of your computer or Internet connection. Since it sits on the TDS network, there is no software to install on your computer and nothing to download.

How does Hacker Alert know a PC or mobile device is infected with malware?
Hacker Alert scans the outgoing traffic from your home network and looks for known malware signatures. Since Hacker Alert uses physical hardware to scan this traffic, hackers are not able to maliciously disable the service like they can with the virus protection you may have on your PC or mobile device.

How do I remove malware detected on my PC or mobile device?
To remove malware, you can use the remediation services Hacker Alert provides, which can be found when you log in to your account at If additional help is needed, contact the TDS Remote PC Support team at 1-866-492-6797 or, their expert services are available for a one-time fee or as a monthly subscription. Further, TDS Internet Security can also be used to remove malware or viruses from your PC. It’s available for purchase from TDS.

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