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Use Video on Demand


This article will describe the steps for ordering a Video on Demand Movie.


To complete a Video on Demand order, follow these steps:

  1. Press the VOD or On Demand key on your remote control. You can also access the VOD menu from the interactive programming guide menu.
  2. Navigate through the on-screen VOD menu using the arrow keys on your remote.
  3. Choose your title and then simply follow the on-screen prompts to order the movie. In many cases you can even watch a free preview first.
  4. With VOD, you get DVD-like controls with your digital set-top box, so you can pause, rewind and fast-forward.
  5. If you exit out of a video on demand program before watching the entire program, or if you decide to watch it again during the viewing window, simply go to "My Rentals" from main VOD menu, and select the title you ordered. You can choose to restart from the beginning, or pick up right where you left off.

VOD Categories

  • Classic Hollywood Hits: $2.99 (24-hour viewing window)
  • New releases: $3.99: (24-hour viewing window)
  • Double Features: $4.99 (24-hour viewing window)
  • 3-Day Movies: $4.99 (72-hour viewing window)
  • IFC in Theaters: $5.99 (24-hour viewing window)
  • HD on demand: $5.99 (24-hour viewing window)
  • Adult Titles: $5.95 to $10.99 (6-hour viewing window)

Free On Demand

In addition to Hollywood movies available on VOD, you'll also find Premiums, content from channels on our Bronze Tiers, Family on Demand, Cable Favorites and more. Some content, such as C-SPAN, Mag Rack, COTV on Demand and more is free to all subscribers. Other content is only available to customers who subscribe to a video package that includes content from those channels within their video package. For example, a customer who subscribes to the Essentials package (which includes Bravo) would also be able to access Bravo's VOD programming.

Premium Video On Demand

Each of the premium networks (Starz, Showtime/TMC, HBO and Cinemax) also offer VOD content to customers that subscribe to the premium channels. On Demand content for premium networks includes original series, concerts, specials and movies. Some of the premium networks also offer early premieres of hit movies on VOD, allowing subscribers a chance to watch the movie on demand a day or more before it premieres on the actual premium channel.

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