My TV displays the following message, 'We have detected an interruption of service'


This article provides steps to resolve a specific message displayed on the Television as "We have detected an interruption of service". This article only applies to the following set-top boxes.

Evolution HD-DTA

Evolution HD-DTA


The image shown below is similar to what is displayed on your Television.

Service Interruption Error Message


If you are receiving this error message, your Evolution DTA set-top box has stopped communicating. The following steps will help restore the communication and regain a picture on your Television. Follow these steps:

  1. Using your Evolution remote control, hold down the #7 until the Diagnostics Menu appears.Diagnostic Main Menu Screenshot
  2. Press the info button on your remote control.Test Menu Screenshot
  3. Press the OK button on your remote control.
  4. The box will reset and a message requiring activation will appear on your Television. The Evolution DTA set-top will automatically receive a message to activate service within 5 minutes.Service Needs Activation Error Message
  5. Once the message is received, a "One Moment Please" message will appear. Within a few minutes, picture will be restored.One Moment Please Error Message
  6. This must be repeated for each Evolution DTA set-top box in your home.

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