I have "No Signal" on my TV


This article will explain some basic steps to perform if you are seeing "No Signal" or a "Snowy Picture" on your TV screen.


When you turn on your television or have recently pressed buttons using your TV remote, you now see a snowy picture or the television reads "No Signal."


  • Ensure that the television is connected to the cable box. There are several ways that it might be connected to the TV. With a standard definition TV you will simply connect a single coaxial cable, for HD Televisions you may have a different style connection, here are some examples of HD connections.
  • The next step is to ensure that your TV is on the proper input. Depending on the connection you are using, the input should correspond with the cable you are using. Example: if you are using an HDMI cable your TV will need to be set to one of its HDMI inputs.
  • In order to change the inputs on the TV you will have to use the original remote control that came with the television, on this remote you will be searching for a button that says either input or source. There are various other buttons that may have the same meaning; this depends on the brand of television. Your owner’s manual might help.
  • Another important step would be to verify that the cable box is on. You can do this by pressing with CBL button on your BendBroadband remote control. This button will turn the cable box on and off.
  • If you are seeing a "snowy" picture on your screen, this would most likely indicate that the TV was set to the wrong channel, you will want to verify that the TV is on channel 4. When changing the channel on the TV itself, you will need to use your TV’s original remote control or the manual controls on the TV itself.
  • Below are some examples of different TV inputs and cable combinations.

Input Label on TV


Channel 4 Channel 4 Connection
Video or AV Video or AV Connection
Component or Comp Component or Comp Connection
HDMI HDMI Connection

Note: Keep in mind that your TV may say Video2 or HDMI3, depending on how many of these connections that it has on the back of the TV.

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