Catch TV™

Catch Media Player Hardware


This article provides an overview of our two Catch Media Player models.


Catch Media Players are hooked up to each television that would be used with the Catch Media Gateway to access Live TV, DVR Recordings, DLNA content, etc.

Catch Media Player MP2150 and MP2100 Front Panel (they have a clock on the front)

Catch Media Player MP2150 and MP 2100 Front Panel
  1. IR Sensor
  2. Clock
  3. Menu
  4. Arrow Keys/OK
  5. USB

Catch Media Player IP815 Front Panel (no front clock display)

Catch Media Player IP815 front panel
  1. Power LED – Indicates the media player is on

Catch Media Player MP2150 or MP2100 Back Panel

Catch Media Player MP2150 or MP2100 back panel
  1. Coax
  2. Composite
  3. Component
  4. Digital Audio COAX
  5. Digital Audio Optical
  6. HDMI
  7. USB
  8. Ethernet
  9. IR Blaster
  10. Reset
  11. Power

Note: The Ethernet (RJ45) port located on the back of the Media Player is currently only used for connecting the Media Player to the Media Gateway at this time.

Catch Media Player IP815 Back Panel

Catch Media Player IP815 back panel

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