TDS Cable TV Service

With TDS’s Cable TV service you can enjoy great entertainment with crystal-clear digital quality picture and sound. There’s something on TV for everyone in your business to enjoy!

Captivate your customers with cable TV. Video can enhance the customer experience by connecting your office with the outside world. TDS Cable offers a variety of video packages designed to meet any of your office needs.

  • Sports Bars: Impress and entertain your most passionate customers with up-to-date sports packages.
  • Restaurants and Coffee Shops: Draw in regular guests with their favorite local news and talk shows.
  • Offices and Lobbies: Use TV as a resource to stay up-to-date with breaking news and industry trends.
  • Waiting Rooms: Create a welcoming environment for customers to stay entertained while waiting for their services.
  • Fitness Centers and Salons: Facilitate a way for those who love to multi-task keep up with the news or their favorite show.
  • Retail and Shops: Entertain your loyal customers and draw in outside traffic with enticing programs.

TDS’s Digital Cable Delivers

  • Over 200 channels including all your local broadcast channels
  • High-Definition programming with Dolby Digital surround sound and picture quality that’s 5 x’s sharper than standard TV
  • CD-quality music services

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