TDS Star Business Line

Get business class phone service for a low, flat monthly fee. Add as many lines as your business needs – and more as your business grows.


What you can expect with TDS’s Star Business Line:

Switching is easy:

  • You can keep your current phone number
  • You can keep your existing phones
  • We offer a 60 Day Risk Free Trial

Advanced Calling Features

Caller ID:

See the calling party's name and number before you answer a call.

3-Way Calling:

Add a third party to an existing telephone conversation.

Caller ID on Call Waiting:

See Caller ID information while you are on another call.

Voice Mail:

An interactive computerized system for answering and routing telephone calls for recording, saving and relaying messages.

Call Waiting:

If a new call comes in while you are already on the phone, Call Waiting alerts you with a beep.

Call Forwarding:

Redirect all calls to another telephone number.

Remote Access Call Forwarding:

Activate/deactivate call forwarding and reprogram your phone when you are away from the office.

Simple Hunt Group:

Allows calls to sequentially ring users in a group in a specific order.

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