TDS Wi-Fi+ / eero

Downloading the eero App for TDS Wi-Fi+

Downloading the eero app on your smartphone or other device is simple. See below for Android- and Apple-specific instructions.

Android Devices

  1. Visit the eero - Home Wi-Fi System page at the Google Play store
  2. Tap “Install” to install the app
  3. Follow the setup instructions within the app

In order to connect to TDS Wi-Fi+ via Bluetooth®, some Android users will need to make their phones “discoverable.” Consult your device’s user guide or manufacturer if you need help doing this.

Apple Devices

  1. Open the Apple App Store on your Apple device
  2. Search for “eero”
  3. Tap “eero Home Wi-Fi system”
  4. Tap “Get It” to install the app
  5. Follow the setup instructions within the app

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