TDS Wi-Fi+ / eero

TDS Wi-Fi+ (eero Pro) Device Light Status

The TDS® Wi-Fi+ (eero Pro) base station and eero Beacons have an LED status light that lets you know the device’s current state. If issues arise with your wireless connection, check the nearest Beacon for its current status (see below):

  • No Light: eero doesn’t have power
  • Blinking White: eero software is starting up/connecting to Internet
  • Blinking Blue: Broadcasting Bluetooth®
  • Solid Blue: eero app is connected to the eero and is setting up the network
  • Blinking Green: Multiple eeros detected during setup
  • Blinking Yellow: Soft reset OR unapproved power source used
  • Solid White: eero is connected to Internet
  • Solid Red: eero is not connected to the Internet
  • Blinking Red: Hard resetting


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