Internet Security and FAQs

Routing and IP Address Information

Why do I have to change my IP address?

  • TDS® performs upgrades to our networks as a standard practice to maintain a high level of service. These upgrades include adding network equipment resulting in better capacity and speeds across the network. 
  • Your current IP address is assigned via DHCP w/reservations which is assigned out of a dedicated pool of IP addresses utilized for all customers with DHCP and/or with Dynamic service that is specific per TDS CMTS or Node. This IP is specific to a node rather than the market, so as we migrate your service to a different Node, your IP must be changed.
  • By moving your service to a RIP routed block, you will be assigned a dedicated IP block for your business/network. RIP is a more stable delivery method because the RIP IPs are assigned permanently to your business/network from a dedicated block of IPs rather than from a dynamic pool of IP addresses as is done via DHCP w/reservations. RIP Routed IPs will remain with your business and future network upgrades will not have any effect on RIP Routed IPs. Even if you move across town or change services, you will be able to keep your RIP Routed IPs as long as you have service with TDS.

Can I refuse this upgrade?

  • This upgrade is required and will benefit your business by having a better service experience. Network upgrades not only affect your IP but the High-Speed Internet service quality for all customers impacted by this change to the TDS network.

Why do I have to have my vendor on site?

  • You may not need to, that is up to you. Static IPs are typically tied directly to a router, server, or device on your network that requires a Static IP, examples could be an email or web server. You should verify with your IS vendor how this change will affect your network and possible service outages if you do not make the needed change. If you care for your company’s IT needs and feel capable to make this change, then the IT vendor is not needed. The decision is yours. Just know that when this change is made you will be without service if the IP address scope is not changed within your network.

Will TDS cover the cost of the vendor visit since you are requiring this change?

  • TDS will not cover any costs associated with this IP change. We provide service and reserve the right to make network upgrades at any time for the benefit of all customers. TDS is not responsible for determining the need of or use of IPs concerning a customer(s) individual network needs. This change requires updates to your network for which TDS provides no support.

Is there a cost to change my IP address?

  • No. TDS will provide the router/gateway at no charge to you for your Static IP service. You are responsible for your network connection to the TDS provided device. TDS requires the use of this device for any Static IPs that are delivered via RIP Routed. This device allows TDS to provide the IP address and a high level of support for your High-Speed Internet service.
  • It is important to note that this new IP assignment will be delivered via RIP Routed, meaning you will have dedicated IP assignments for your business and if any future network upgrades are performed you will not be required to change your IP at that time. The RIP IP addresses will stay with your service unless you disconnect service or implement a change in the future.

What if my IT vendor isn’t available during my appointment time?

  • You will receive three appointment options. If you need to change your appointment you can call TDS via the phone number included in the phone message. We’ll be happy to review our schedule to determine other installation dates/times that may accommodate your schedule.

How is this going to impact my service?

  • If you are utilizing your Static IPs today, any device assigned that IP address will not be connected to the network after the TDS network upgrade is performed, meaning you may be without service. YOU MUST perform this upgrade prior to the date included in the letter or you risk being without High-Speed Internet service.

What do I do if I still have questions?

  • Send your questions in an email to A member from our advanced support team will contact you.

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