Voice Mail FAQs

How do I set up my voice mail service?

The first time you access your voice mail, you must call from your home telephone. The system prompts you to create a personalized pass code, record your own voice signature, and record a personal greeting.

How do I access voice mail and listen to messages?

To access your voice mail from your home telephone, dial your ten-digit TN and enter your passcode if prompted. To access your voice mail away from home, dial your ten-digit TN and press the * (star) key during the outgoing greeting. The system asks you to enter your passcode to access your voice mail.

To listen to your voice mail messages, Press 1. From this point, you can perform the following tasks.

  • To back up to the previous message, press 5.
  • To erase the message, press 7.
  • To save the message, press 9.
  • For more options, press 0.
  • To go to the main menu, press the star key.
  • To send a message reply, press 2.
  • To replay this message, press 4.

How many messages can I have in my voice mail?

You can store up to 30 voice mail messages for a total of 120 minutes. Single messages can be up to four minutes in length.

How long will a message be stored in my voice mail box?

New messages are stored for 30 days, unless you mark them as saved. The system keeps saved messages for an additional 30 days.

How do I change my passcode for my voice mail?

Once you access your voice mail by entering your passcode, you can change your passcode as often as you like. Passcodes are a minimum of four digits and a maximum of ten digits. For more information about how to change your passcode, refer to section 7.5: Personal Options.

What happens if I forget my passcode for my voice mail?

You have three attempts to enter your passcode for voice mail authentication. After three invalid attempts, the system hangs up. Each time you call in, you can try three more times.

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