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Business Phones

TDS’s Unlimited Phone Service Options Include

  • Unlimited local and long distance calling across all 50 states and its territories
  • Support to multi-line phone systems
  • Toll-free numbers
  • Advanced calling features
  • Keep your current phone number
  • International calling at great rates (see rates)

Unlimited Phone Service

Get business class phone service with a low, flat monthly fee. Do business when and where you need with unlimited long distance calling and all the features you expect from the phone company. Plus, get one bill for all your services.

Advanced Calling Features

Caller ID Deluxe:

See the calling party's name and number before you answer a call.

Call Waiting:

If a new call comes in while you are already on the phone, Call Waiting alerts you with a beep.

3-Way Calling:

Add a third party to an existing telephone conversation.

Call Forwarding:

Redirect all calls to another telephone number.

Caller ID on Call Waiting:

See Caller ID information while you are on another call.

Preferred Call Forwarding:

Forward calls from a specific list of phone numbers to a phone number you select.

Priority Ringing:

Program your telephone line to ring with a special ringing pattern whenever you are called from a select list of phone numbers.

Per-Call Caller ID Blocking (*67):

Prevent your name and number from being displayed in most situations.