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TDS offers secure and private local area network (LAN) service for businesses with multiple locations.

Better manage your costs with phone, data and video service for all of your locations on a single IP VPN network. Enjoy the security of a dedicated private connection between your various places of business. Experience the efficiency of site-to-site connectivity, which allows data to flow directly to locations. Our networking products come with service level agreements and tools that allow you to prioritize data traffic.

TDS also provides interoffice communication services that easily integrate with your current network devices.

Dedicated Internet Access

Dedicated Internet Access from TDS offers bandwidth that belongs to your business and your business alone. You'll have the fast Internet speed you need, even during peak times.

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A more efficient and transparent solution for interoffice communications that works with most current network devices.

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Our reliable, all-in-one data network that provides cost-effective solutions for businesses with multiple locations.

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