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Business Internet

Kick Up Your Internet Connection

  • Increase your business’ productivity and save time with fast downloads of large files
  • Single & multiple static IP’s
  • 5 email addresses included
  • Modem included free of charge
  • Centralized 24 x 7 technical support

High-Speed Internet Service

TDS business Internet is the fastest Internet service in your area. Connect your business with speeds up to 600Mbps* or with dedicated fiber options up to 1 Gig. Get the solutions to meet your business needs.

TDS Fiber Network

When running a business, we know the importance of fast, affordable and reliable technology. It can make the difference by increasing efficiency and productivity. With millions invested to improve our network, businesses can take advantage of a reliable connection with speeds of up to 600Mbps. And with every improvement the affordability just keeps getting better.

TDS Fiber Network

TDS' fiber network offers fast, reliable high-speed internet for businesses. With our high-quality fiber backbone, you can stop worrying about slow internet and start focusing on growing your business.

*Business High-Speed Internet speeds and availability may vary. Speeds are “up to”. Customer will receive highest stable speed possible based on the quality and capability of the connection and product purchased.

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Business Wi-Fi and Remote Device Support

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