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300Mbps Internet

Great news!

Many TDS customers can now benefit from Internet speeds up to 300Mbps. That’s ultrafast.

Faster speeds make everything online better

TDS Ultra speeds give you faster website load, blazing fast downloads, higher quality video stream and less buffering time for music and videos. Faster speeds also better support multiple devices.

Here’s the kind of difference you can expect in download times:

Ultra 60 - 60Mbps

Ultra 100 - 100Mbps

Ultra 300 - 300Mbps

15 Song Album (60MB) 10 Seconds 4.5 Seconds 2 Seconds
45 Minute TV Show (200MB) 20 Seconds 16 Seconds 5 Seconds
2 Hour HD Movie (8GB) 20 Minutes 10 Minutes 3.5 Minutes
Video Game (40GB) 2 Hours 1 Hour 20 Minutes

Please note file size and download times are for illustration purposes only. Actual file size and download times may vary.

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High-Speed Internet availability varies and speeds shown may not be available at all service addresses. Actual speeds experienced by customers vary and are not guaranteed. Speed ranges shown are expressed as “up to” to represent network capabilities between customer location and the TDS network. Speeds vary due to factors including: distance from switching locations and external/internal network conditions. Additional equipment may be required and charges may apply. A $15 service charge will apply to existing customers who switch plans without increasing speed or adding qualifying service.  TDS® is a registered trademark of Telephone and Data Systems, Inc. Copyright © 2017, TDS Telecommunications Corporation, All Rights Reserved.